Where to go for gear reviews

Did Santa bring you a new camera, and now you’re looking for lenses? Or did you not get what you were hoping for, so now you’re shopping? I have a couple of favorite sites that I rely on for lens and camera rewviews.

The first is Digital Photography Review. They have an absolutely fabulous database of camera reviews, for both digital SLRs and point & shoots. Their reviews are thorough and, in my experience, spot-on. My favorite feature of theirs is the side-by-side comparison of cameras. Want to know the difference between a Canon 30D and 50D? it’s easy. Just load them up in the comparison and run down the list of features. You can compare multiple cameras too.

For lens information, Fred Miranda is my primary source of information. He has an extensive database of lens reviews from serious photographers. Navigation is a little bit awkward, and you’re on your own for comparison shopping, but it’s still a phenomenal source of information. You can browse summaries, or read every single word written by every reviewer– it’s up to you.

Do you have a favorite review site?

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  1. A great lens review site (besides fredmiranda.com that is) for Canon lenses is:


    Cameras, also look at:


    They recently redesigned the site – select the brand on the left side, then pick the camera in the middle.

    Thanks for the interesting articles!
    David Soussan

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