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Pop Quiz #1

How are you doing? Let’s have a pop quiz. Everybody loves those, right? Fun fun fun!

  1. What’s another term for aperture?
    1. shutter speed
    2. f-stop
    3. ISO
    4. focal length
  2. What three things determine the exposure of a photo?
    1. aperture, shutter speed, ISO
    2. shutter speed, ISO, metering mode
    3. aperture, f-stops, timer mode
    4. f-stop, metering mode, depth of field
  3. Compared to f/8, f/16 is:
    1. a larger opening
    2. a smaller opening
    3. farther away
    4. blurrier
  4. You’re taking a picture of your golden retriever Rex jumping to catch a frisbee. Which of these shutter speeds would best freeze the action?
    1. 1/50 sec
    2. 1/100 sec
    3. 1/500 sec
    4. 1/1000 sec
  5. You’re taking a picture of a landscape. Which aperture would be best for getting all of it in focus?
    1. f/2
    2. f/4
    3. f/8
    4. f/16

Answers are below…
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