If you’re new here

I’ve seen a lot of new traffic here recently. Welcome!

If you’re new here, start with Exposure Lessons In Order to walk through the lessons in the order they were posted. Feel free to ask questions! All friendly comments are welcome.  Play along with the exercises too, since it’s more fun to learn by doing than by reading my ramblings.


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3 responses to “If you’re new here

  1. shell

    Absolutely brilliant. So clear and more helpful than all the beginners guide books ive looked at. Am complete beginner and haven’t even chosen a camera yet!

  2. seema

    its just the sort of ‘hand holding’ i needed! i have browsed through many a ‘101 tips for beginners’ and other sites but i love the way you deal with the basics and it makes me want to ‘turn the page’ and keep me coming back for more of this style of learning!
    you have the art of being able to make the ignorant feel comfortable and understood. thank you for taking the trouble to do so :)

  3. Alina Botica

    THANK YOU!THANK YOU! What you did here it’s just brilliant.For when the next lesson, teacher? I look forward to it! The articles are just like fairytales…they stick to youre mind, soul without the sligthest effort! Love the gnomes! Thank you again! A nice day! Alina.

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