April Homework Extension

Very few people did the April homework assignment, so I’m extending it until the end of May.  Grab your cameras and go capture something in motion!  There’s a prize, of course– a signed Flower Porn print, and two if enough people participate.

If you’re new to Stop Shooting Auto! or you haven’t done so before, you’ll want to start by going through the exposure lessons in order.  That will give you a gentle, beginner-friendly introduction to the principles of exposure and the way your camera’s controls work.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and leave comments… I love getting them, and I’m happy to answer as many questions as I can.


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4 responses to “April Homework Extension

  1. TJ

    Drats. I haven’t had time this month to do this. I know what i want to shoot, but it will take a dedicated hour to do it. Perhaps others are in the same boat? It’s not for lack of interest.

  2. Erin

    Just wanted to say hello. I stumbled upon a link to your blog on flickr. It seems very informative and exactly the kind of thing I need. I’m bookmarking this site and plan to spend alot more time here. Thanks!


  3. TJ

    So Tim too his hummingbird picture with these settings:
    ISO: 400
    Exposure: 1/200 sec
    Aperture: f/5.6
    Focal Length: 200mm
    Flash Used: Yes

    His background turned out solid black. I’m guessing he took the shot around dusk when the sun was below the horizon, but there was still plenty of light for human eyes.

    What if I wanted this picture, but also wanted to pick up some color in the background? I.e., I wanted a hummingbird with its wings blurred, along with a blurry tree and fence behind him?

    Would increasing the ISO to 800 and the aperture to something bigger do the trick?

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