Hey, where’s your homework?

Hey you… yes you! Where’s your homework? Remember the homework assignment I gave you that’s due by the end of the month? Some of you have done it, and done quite a fine job, but the rest are still slacking. No, the dog dd not eat your memory card, and I won’t take a note from your mother.

If you need to review, here are some lessons that might help you:

And if you want to go through all of the lessons, walk through Exposure Lessons, in order.

Now go out there and do your homework. I don’t want to have to give you detention. Be sure to leave a comment on the homework entry with a link to your photo(s), along with exposure details and anything else you want to say about them.


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3 responses to “Hey, where’s your homework?

  1. Mark

    Here’s a couple of entries:

    I’m not sure if this one counts but notice the extremely short depth of field on the dandelion:


  2. TJ

    That last one of the dandelion… what lens and camera were you using? And what settings?

  3. TJ

    I’m excited! It know this is over and done with, but look what I caught today! :)


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